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Welcome to Temples Zone,

There are many different cultures in the world with all their customs, traditions, rites and rituals, and our mission is to document them all. Our world is changing by the day and all these advancements and developments are the direct result of humanity’s long history.

We invite you to participate in our mission by submitting information about your own culture and history of your country. That would be of great importance as a source of knowledge for the future generations because to understand how we came to be we need to look back to our past.

You can show your beautiful culture and explain it’s history by submitting photos and providing a piece of brief but clear information about it in the Contributors Gallery. If you’re into travelling, surely you came across beautiful places, people, and cultures along the way. What better way to share your experience other than with a photo? Or an article?

Our Temples Zone Community welcomes you all with our hearts.

Warm Regards,

Temples Zone Community

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Discovery Of The Americas: Moorish Explorers That Should Be Praised And Celebrated Instead Of Columbus
by Prince Taylor

Western scholars have, by and large, dismissed the assertion that Africans had contact with the Americas long before Columbus. But scholars such as Ivan Van Sertima and Cheikh Anta Diop rejected this in the books They Came Before Columbus (1976) and The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality (1974). But they were not alone. Decades before, respected Harvard lecturer Leo Wiener, a Russian-born scholar of Polish-Jewish heritage who was a polyglot skilled in more than 20 languages, noted the African presence in his 1920 book Africa and the Discovery of America.



Collection of temples photography from Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand. These are the works of our in-house photographers and they are available for purchase and downloaded in the form of Digital Format or custom ordered in the form of High Quality 50 x 70cm Canvas Prints (Frameless/Wrapped) our canvas is protected by a special protective spray to ensure that the canvas and the colors are protected from elements of nature (Sun, Wind, and Dust). Custom canvas sizes are also available upon request.

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Collection of photography submitted by members. There’s no limit to what category of images you can upload. Members can also build their Album or Portfolio and arrange their photos as they like in their Account Management page (My Album). Anytime you want to upload your photos just hover over your Profile Photo to bring up your User Control Box and click the Add Images button.

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Raja Ampat: Our Trip To Heaven On Earth
by Roy Singh

For the one week we were there, everyday is an adventure and our daily schedule was to leave our cottage at about 8AM when the tide is just right for our speed boat to head out to an island of our choice and everyday we traveled to a different island. We would only return before the sunsets as night time out in the ocean is dangerous specially on a speedboat. Our cottage was just a walking distance away from the beach, so yeah, it’s just like living in heaven on earth.


Latest Articles

Indiana Jones’ ‘Temple of the Sun’: The Path to Godliness?
by Andre Guantanamo

As a child, my first exposure to Indiana Jones was in the franchise’s third installment, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. To say that the film left an impression on me would be an understatement: To this day, I still find myself captivated by bullwhips, zeppelins, and morally-ambiguous, blonde German Frau Doktors [sic]. I could literally write at length about all three of these topics, but today I want to focus on the film’s third act which takes place largely in the fictional(?) Temple of the Sun, which houses that most quintessential of MacGuffins, the Holy Grail.


Unravelling The Oldest Temple In The World: Göbekli Tepe
by Jessica Cole

Religion is something that has always been a key part of man, right from the stone age days to the 21st century modern day age. Temples are places built or set up mainly for people to be able to go there freely and practice their religion in peace and after some in-depth archaeological research, it has been ascertained that the oldest temple in the world is the Göbekli Tepe (which is Turkish for Belly Hill). This ancient site is situated in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey and is not too far from the main city of Sanliurfa. The temple has an approximate height of 50 feet while being about 1000 feet in diameter.


The Ultimate Travel Guide To Bagan Temples
by Abi Cool

Bagan is a place that has literally died and resurrected. Not many places would have been able to survive the phase this place went through. It was recently named as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. There is a lot to do and see here. Even its temples are more than religion. These temples have a lot to offer and this write up will enlighten you on the ultimate travel guide to Bagan temples. Follow this guide and you will enjoy your time here.


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