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Wat Cherng Tha :

Wat Cherng Tha is located north of the city island, left hand side of the Lopburi River near the Mai Rong ditch which is a dock for storing royal yacht.

The location of the temple is on the other side of the island city so it was named ‘Wat Cherng Tha’ or ‘Wat Teen Tha’.

There is no explicit evidence about the era this temple was established or even by whom. But Wat Cherng Tha is related to some historical legend and was mentioned in some Thai literatures.

Wat Cherng Tha was called by other names too. There was a story that there was once a millionaire who built a home for his daughter who was a newly wedded couple but she sneaked out with a man and never came back. So, instead of giving her, the millionaire gave it to the temple instead. So the temple was also called ‘Wat Koi Tha’.

This story was told in Luang Lakr Pranee’s nirat too. Moreover, Wat Chermg Tha is related to the history of King Taksin. Wat Gosawas or Wat Klang was a place where the King studied Thai and Kamer language when he was young. Inside Wat Cherng Tha was a beautifully decorated architecture with paintings and sculptures, from the later period of Ayutthaya.

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