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Watch the Pre-Exhibition interview of Ms. Patricia Zednanreh
The CEO of Temples Zone for Mexico and South America Region.
The Exhibition will be held in ;
Iglesia de Santo Domingo de Guzman, Juchitepec, State of Mexico
on the 26th of July 2018.

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Raja Ampat:
Our Trip To Heaven On Earth

Raja Ampat : Our group (Temples Zone) trip to Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia in mid of 2014 was extremely fun. The beauty of the nature there was more than what I could describe in words. We had to rent the whole Turbo Cessna just for our group as it’s...

The Spheres of Costa Rica

The Spheres : These spheres was first discovered by The United Fruit Company in 1930’s in Costa Rica where they were creating a banana plantation. Workmen pushed them aside with bulldozers and heavy equipment, damaging some spheres. Additionally, inspired by stories of hidden gold, workmen began to drill holes...

The Crystal Skull: A Mystery and Controversy

To me the crystal skull story is very intriguing as it’s covered in a shroud of mystery and controversy. Let’s take a look at some of the famous crystal skulls known. The Skulls : Mitchell-Hedges Skull : One of the most famous crystal skull known today is the so...

Angkor Wat: Rise and fall of an empire

Inhabitants of Cambodia were one of the first peoples of Southeast Asia, although scholars continue to debate whether they migrated principally from southern China or India. The oldest vestiges of pre-historic Cambodia (stone made tools) were found in the cave of Laan Spean in Battambang with evidence suggesting the...

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