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Photography - Kraton - Yogyakarta 004

Returning from extremely tiring Prambanan Temple photoshoot we decided to have our dinner in this exotic restaurant called Prince Joyokusumo’s House Gadri Resto Boutique and Gallery. It’s located within the innermost group of buildings in Kraton. I kind of liked the atmosphere of this restaurant and its air of Antiquity. If you do visit Yogyakarta don’t forget to come to this restaurant and experience it for yourself.

The Kraton :

Kraton or Keraton is the Javanese word for a royal palace. Its name is derived from ka-ratu-an which means the residence of ratuRatu is the traditional honorific title to refer the “ruler” (king or queen). In Java, the palace of a prince is called puro or dalem. The general word to designate a palace is istana, as in Indonesian and Malay. Its . 

The construction of Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat or Kraton Yogyakarta was started by Sultan Hamengku Buwono I in 1755 and its like a city within a city. There are more or less 25’000 people in residence within its walls and about 500-1000 people is still employed by the current Sultan. It’s the heart of Yogyakarta city, it has its own shopping gallery, market, and home industries producing batik and silverware. The central part where the current Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X (from 1998) resides was built in the year 1755-56. The architecture is one of the finest examples of Javanese palace, providing a series of luxurious halls and spacious courtyards and pavilions.

The caretakers still wears traditional Javanese attire and they still follow the original rules and regulation of the Kraton. Currently, a large part of Kraton is used as a museum. On special occasions traditional dances and cultural performances still takes place in Kraton.

Urban legend has it that the residence of the Sultan of Jogja is guarded by many unseen creatures, so anyone who visits the palace should maintain good attitude. According to local beliefs, those who have malicious intentions will get some “warnings” from the invisible palace guards.

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