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Photography - Pratapeshwar Temple - Khajuraho Nonuments 080

Pratapeshwar Temple :

The Pratapeshwar Temple (also known as Harmony Temple) is the newest temple in the western group of temples in Khajuraho Group of Monuments. It was commissioned to be built by Raja Pratap Singh, the King of Chhatarpur in the 1800s (about 800 years after the other temples around it were built), as a memorial to himself to immortalize his name. It’s only about 200 years old and the construction is similar to the chhatri of Raja Pratap Singh which is located not too far from this temple. This temple has three different dome styles, Rajputana dome (photo – left), a Buddhist Pagoda dome (photo – middle), and Brahminical Shikhara dome (photo – right).

Not many guides there know about this information hence they are reluctant to take tourist to this temple. Nevertheless, this is also a beautiful temple so if you do visit Khajuraho Group of Monuments complex make sure you don’t miss this temple. It’s right beside the Vishvanatha Temple not too far from the entrance of the complex.

Khajuraho Group Of Monuments :

The Khajuraho Group of Monuments in Madhya Pradesh, India is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located about 175 kilometres southeast of Jhansi. It’s a group of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples. These temples are famous for their nagara-style architectural symbolism and their erotic Kamasutra sculptures.

Most of these temples were built between 950 and 1050 by the Chandela Rajput dynasty. According to historical records the Khajuraho Group of Monuments site had 85 temples by the 12th century, spread over 20 square kilometres and today only about 25 temples survived, spread over 6 square kilometres.

These temples were built together but were dedicated to two different religions that are Hinduism and Jainism. This suggests a tradition of acceptance and respect for diverse religious views among Hindus and Jains in the region.

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