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Photography - Phuket Town - Big Buddha 006

Big Buddha (Phuket Town) :

Big Buddha Phuket is one of the most important and revered landmarks on the island. The huge image sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and, at 45 metres tall, can be seen from as far away as Phuket Town and Karon Beach. The lofty site offers the best 360-degree views of the island, with sweeping vistas of Phuket Town, Kata, Karon, Chalong Bay and more.

Relatively easily reachable via a winding 6-km road leading from Phuket’s main artery route, it is a must-visit island destination. It is a tourist attraction but it is also an active temple with monks, so remember to dress appropriately and not to speak too loud as we often hear, unfortunately.

Koh Samui always had a very popular Giant Buddha, and it feels like Phuket wanted to have a bigger one. On the way down you will walk through and temple where people donate money for the construction, buy amulets and where monks hold occasional ceremonies. This place also serves as a museum narrating the history of the construction.

When creating Buddha’s statue it is the worth remembering that the Buddha attained Nirvana. Historically, Buddha was born as the son of a king but decided to renounce his luxurious life and became a perfectly enlightened being who has achieved the highest knowledge of truth.

The Buddha, Great teacher in Buddhism, taught Dharma to the world. The teaching of the Lord Buddha is to avoid all evil, to do good, to purify one’s mind. Buddhist followers associate morality to bring about harmony and happiness in their lives. A plot of land on the top of Mount Nagakerd with beautiful landscape views of Phuket and surrounding the Kittisangkharam Temple was donated by faithful Buddhist followers. The area is large enough to enshrine a very graceful Buddha statue. In order to be a form of respect to the Buddha as Buddhanusati, the way of making merit, legend of the land, center of mind, special communicating instrument to spread Buddha’s Dharma in mind and society.

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