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Photography - Old Bagan Area - Einyakyaungngamyethna Temple 004

Einyakyaungngamyethna Temple (Archaeological Zone) :

This picturesque temple called Einyakyaungngamyethna Temple is located within the protected Archaeological Zone of the Old Bagan Area. Surprisingly not many tourists comes to see this beautiful temple and we had the whole area to ourself. Not much information is available about this temple as who built it and when. If you have any information regarding the history of this temple please do share it with us as we are eager to learn more about this beautiful temple. Not only the information and history but there are not many photos of this beautiful temple on the net.

The location of this temple is near to the Leaning Temple and Upali Thein in the Old Bagan area. There are so many temples like this in Bagan lacking detailed documentations and it makes it very difficult in an event of any natural disaster such as earthquakes to restore it back. The Govt. of Myanmar should seriously start compiling details of the thousands of temples scattered in Myanmar.

We got the information of the location of this beautiful temple from our friend Mr. Naing who’s also a member of Temples Zone community and he says that not many tourists knows about this temple or come to visit it.

We here in Temples Zone are intrigued by the notion that even in this day and age there are still places and monuments not documented in the archives of the world organizations. So we jumped at the chance to visit these kinds of places to photo document it, anything can happen in the future and these monuments might not be standing as it is anymore.

Please check the Location Map for the exact location of this temple.

More photos of the Einyakyaungngamyethna Temple here.

Our group trip photos in Instagram.

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Mr. Naing can be contacted on this number +95 9 40252 9824 (Call, SMS, Whatsapp) to book your private or group trip in Bagan or other regions of Myanmar.

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