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Wat Lokayasutharam

The Wat Lokayasutharam which means "Temple of the Earth", otherwise spelled Wat Lokayasutha, also known as Wat Phra Non which means "Temple of the Resting Buddha" is a Buddhist temple complex in the historical park Ayutthaya in central Thailand. The Wat Lokayasutharam is located in the northwest of the island of Ayutthaya, southwest of the "Old Palace" Wang Luang and west of Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, beyond the Khlong Tho. Directly north joins the Wat Worachetharam. There are no indications in the chronicles of when this temple was founded. Style elements of the Buddha statue suggest a middle Ayutthaya period. The huge reclining Buddha statue is the main attraction of this temple. It is about 40 meters long and 8 meters high and consists of bricks and mortar. The statue is not as usual in east-west direction, but in north-south direction. The head lies on four lotus buds and is supported by the right hand.
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