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Sitana Gyi Hpaya

Sitana Gyi Hpaya is situated in the south of New Bagan city. Sitana Gyi Hpaya is one of the most massive and colossal monuments in the Bagan region. The reliquary inside is of the same design as Sri Lankan architecture. Despite being a solid stupa, it is comprised of tunnels inside it. These tunnels cannot be seen from the outside of the pagoda. On each side of the terraces, at the base of the pagoda, are 32 images of elephants. Inside each encircled pagoda are standing stucco images of Buddha. An intricately designed stucco lotus image can be seen at the reliquary. There is no stairway to the top of the pagoda. It is also known as Ta-khe-net-gyi pagoda.
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