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Minnanthu Temples Complex

The Minnanthu Temples Complex north of the Minnanthu village, Bagan - Myanmar has many beautiful but unnamed temples and pagodas. In country of more than 2350 temples and pagodas there's still a lot of temples and pagodas to be researched and named, many in Minnanthu Temples Complex  are still in the form of ruins. Myanmar has had 50 kings and each of them and their families builds temples and pagodas for their ceremonial needs and believes, hence the huge amount of temples and pagodas there. Minnanthu, to the east of Bagan, is an agricultural village which specializes in the production of sesame and peanut oil. The well known temples around Minnanthu Village is Lemyethna, Sapwetin Pagoda, Thambula Temple, Sulamani Temple, Narathihapathae Hpaya, Winido Temple, Pyathetgyi Pagoda, Paya Thone Zu, Iza Gawna Pagoda, Nr. 684, etc.
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