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Dhammayangyi Temple

Dhammayangyi Temple was built during the reign of King Narathu (1167-1170). It's the largest Buddhist temple in Bagan, Myanmar. King Narathu, who came to power by assassinating his father Alaungsithu and his elder brother. He also executed one of his wife, an Indian Princess. He probably built this temple to atone for his sins. The Dhammayangyi is also the widest temple in Bagan and is built in a plan similar to that of Ananda Temple. The temple was built with mortar-less brickwork that fits together so tightly that even a pin couldn’t pass between any two bricks. It is said that King Narathu would amputate the hands of any worker who were not able to achieve this.

King Narathu himself ended up being assassinated either by the Indians (probably an act of revenge for executing his wife) during the construction of the temple according to Burmese chronicles or by the Sinhalese invaders according to the Sinhalese sources, hence the temple was never completed. This temple is infamous for the mysterious bricked-up inner passageways and cruel history. The locals call it "The Ghost Temple" and claim that this temple is extremely haunted, hence the inner passageways was bricked-up to prevent the evil spirit of King Narathu from leaving the temple. The inner sanctum of this temple is also filled up with debris and it's unclear whether this is done intentionally by the workers after the Kings death as an act of revenge for his cruelty or to stabilize the dome of the temple which has now partially collapsed due to the lack of maintenance.

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