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The Republic of the Union of Myanmar (also known as Burma) is a Southeast Asian nation. Its neighbours are India and Bangladesh on the western border, Thailand and Laos on the eastern border, and China on the northern and northeastern border. Its southern part, about one-third of the country's total perimeter of 5,876 km forms an uninterrupted coastline of 1,930 km along the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Its population was about 51 million people in 2014 and by 2017 it has increased to about 54 million people. Myanmar is 676,578 square kilometres in size. Its capital city is Naypyidaw, and its largest city and former capital are Yangon (previously called Rangoon). Since 1997 Myanmar is a member of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

Research has indicated that the early civilisations of Myanmar included the Tibeto-Burman-speaking Pyu city-states in Upper Burma and the Mon kingdoms in Lower Burma. By the 9th century, the Bamar people populated the upper Irrawaddy valley and after the formation of the Pagan Kingdom in the 1050s, the Burmese language, culture and Theravada Buddhism slowly became dominant in the country. The Pagan Kingdom saw its demise when the Mongols invaded and the aftermath of that was the formation of several warring states. In the 16th century, reunified by the Taungoo Dynasty, the country was for a brief period the largest empire in the history of Mainland Southeast Asia.

The early 19th-century Konbaung Dynasty ruled over an area that included modern Myanmar and briefly controlled Manipur and Assam (currently part of India) as well. After three Anglo-Burmese wars the British took over the administration of Myanmar in the 19th century and the country became a British colony. Myanmar gained her independence in 1948 and became a democratic nation. Following a coup d'état in 1962, it became a military dictatorship under the Burma Socialist Programme Party.

Most of the famous temples in Myanmar is in the Bagan area which includes Dhammayangyi, Einyakyaungngamyethna, Gu Taw Thit, Minnanthu Temples Complex, Sein Nyet Ama, Shwezigon Pagoda, Sin Myar Shin, Sitana Gyi Hpaya, Thitsarwadi.

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