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Tugu Gede Megalith

Tugu Gede site is located in Kampung Cengkuk, Kelurahan Margalaksana, District Cikakak, Indonesia, at an altitude of about 468 - 500m above sea level. The Location of Tugu Gede site is in the valley. This valley is surrounded by Mount Halimun. There have not been any extensive studies or excavations done at this site hence until today the Indonesian archaeologist are not actually sure who made it, how old is it, or what was it purpose. There are some preliminary findings and collections of artifacts from the site but that’s just about it. We were only able to record local legends told by the village people living around the site. Based on the artifacts found in this site, it is likely that this site is the epicenter of activity since the prehistoric times to the later period, either for religious purposes or other unknown purposes. Preliminary results of small scale surveys and excavations conducted by researchers in Tugu Gede site has resulted in the finding of several artifacts from different cultures of different periods which could probably mean that this site holds some importance and has been used for generations.
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