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Photography - Buddhist Monastery - Vihara Buddhagaya Watugong 002

Buddhagaya Watugong (Vihara / Buddhist Monastery) :

Buddhagaya Watugong Vihara is a Buddhist monastery which was inaugurated in 2006 and declared by MURI as the highest pagoda in Indonesia. Watugong Buddhagaya monastery is located 45 minutes from the center of Semarang. This monastery has many buildings and is in a large area.

The most famous icon in this temple is the Pagoda Avalokitesvara (Metta Karuna). Pagoda Avalokitesvara who’s height is 45 meters with 7 levels, which means that a hermit will achieve sainthood in the seventh grade.

Buddhagaya Watugong a Buddhist monastery is located 45 minutes from the central city of Semarang. This monastery has many buildings and are in a large area.

One of the most famous icons in this monastery is Avalokitesvara Pagoda which has a height of 45 meters, with seven levels and the dominance of red and some statues at each level pagodanya. Buddhagaya Avalokitesvara Pagoda is the tallest pagoda in Indonesia.

In addition, two large gazebo beside appear flanking each side, which is used as a place of drums and bells, which became one of the traditional pagoda completeness. Avalokitesvara Pagoda, also known as the Pagoda or Pagoda Metakaruna Love Valentines because its existence to honor the figure of love and affection, which is Kwan Im Po Sie Sat.

Avalokitesvara Pagoda Buddhagaya has many privileges. Starting from the tile, accessories, stone reliefs from the ladder (9 dragons), a swimming dragon, dragon lamps, dragon fountain, to sculpture phoenix and Kilin, all imported from China. Also, the pagoda is made up of seven levels. Each level has four statues of Goddess Kwan Im facing the four directions.

Statue of Goddess who brought flowers and lotus can be used by visitors to pray that facilitated finding a wonderful mate. Statue of Goddess to bring daughter, is intended for visitors who wish to have a daughter. Similarly, the statue of Goddess who brings a ch boy, used to pray so that visitors get the boys. One again, the statue of Goddess Kwan Im visitors used to invoke a long life. Specifically at the level VII, filled with four statues Amitaba. In addition to the statue of Goddess Kwan Im 24 and four statues Amitaba, at the level I also put a big statue of Goddess Kwan Im with height 5.10 meters and a statue of Commander We Do. The total number of statues in the pagoda is 30 pieces.

It’s all part of the monastery complex neatly integrated with the beauty of its environment and coupled with the beauty of Chinese architecture making it a relatively pleasant place for pilgrimage and worship or just stop by to unwind due to break in transit.

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