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Photography - Bhangarh Village - Bhangarh Fort 033

How To Photo Bhangarh Fort (Bhangarh Village) – Part 4 :

Before we actually entered the main fort we decided to just explore around to find out if we can find some more strange ruins, trees, or stones that we might have missed. We discovered this strange looking ruins of a Bhangarh village house with a strange looking tree growing right in the middle of it as if it was providing some cool shade to the ruins under a hot blazing sun.

We’re not really sure what this ruins used to be and if it used to be a house then it must belong to an important person because the size is quite big and it’s located right on the left side of the main path before Gopinath Temple. We took some shots here before moving on to a big strange looking tree located just to the right side of this ruins.

In our photography trip the real excitement is to imagine our self transported back in time when Bhangarh village was still bustling with villagers going about their daily chores and the sound of the busy market down the path. If we can absorb the ambiance of the location it would drive our imagination and inspiration in creating or composing your shots.

Most of the time in photography it’s not the technical stuff that matters the most (they can be learned by practice) but the artistical point of view of the photographers as every photographers has a unique view. Our emotional condition also play a big part at the time of composing a photograph.

So if you do visit Bhangarh for photography just go with the flow of your feelings and just take it easy. There is no need to rush and if the sun gets to hot it’s a good idea to rest a while under the shade of a tree and recharge yourself.

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Our group trip photos in Instagram.

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