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Photography - Queens Room - Bhangarh Fort 057

Bhangarh Fort First Floor The Queens Room :

These stairways leads to the first floor of the fort and on that floor it is said that there is a Queens room which is very-very haunted. We will eventually explore the Queen’s room to but we will also capture images of other interesting things on the way to the Queen’s room. It is also said that on the first floor there a big hall/ballroom with a pond in the center and people say sometimes at night you can hear someone dancing, who would dance in a dilapidated fort at night ? In total darkness ? Well, that’s for you to think.

So, why did the fort fell ? Well, as we’ve discussed before our theory is that Bhangarh came under heavy “Draught and Famine” maybe due to severe decrease in rain (maybe due to climate change?) intensity and that could cause a severe drop in underground water level.

Looking at the geopolitical level, the king of Bhangarh had three main enemy kingdom surrounding it so when the goings were tough in Bhangarh their enemy must have noticed it and they attacked when Bhangarh was at their weakest.

So there are many possibilities why Bhangarh Fort fell and it’s fun when we go out to search for the real truth. It’s still a mystery and no body knows the real reason. There are still many-many mysteries to uncover in this Bhangarh and I would love another chance to go there again. I would also love to explore the underground passages there in Bhangarh.

Let’s explore what’s inside Bhangarh and experience it for ourselves the ambiance of this once mighty and great fort.

If you have any of your own theories please do let us know by replying to this post. We are always eager to hear from you guys.

More photos of Bhangarh Fort here.

Our group trip photos in Instagram.

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