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Photography - Rubble - Bhangarh Fort 064
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The First Floor Rubble of Bhangarh Fort :

As we walk through one of the doors in the what seems like a ballroom or king’s bath we come to this place that seems to be a terrace at some time. We find these rubble stones lying everywhere in what looks like a jigsaw puzzle. If we look closely at these stones we can still see the metal pin joints and if we know where these stones came from we could actually rebuilt the fort and restore it.

Nobody seems to care to number these stones so one day eventually the fort could be restored to its original form. It’s so sad to see it in this state of destruction and ruins. We would request ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) to database these stones and mark them with numbers so we will know their original position where it was found and where it could have come from. If someone was to move these stones around it would make it more difficult to find out where these stones come from originally.

In front of the queens chamber there are more rubble like these and heaps of them. If we put them together we could actually rebuilt at two to three rooms of Bhangarh Fort. Unfortunately, nobody is interested in the restoration of Bhangarh fort and it may be lost forever one day.

Well, if any of the ASI guys are reading this this post, I sincerely request you guys to start some kind of restoration job there in Bhangarh fort so we can maintain it for the future generations to see and admire. It’s a very important Indian heritage guys.

If you have any of your own theories of what this underground chamber of some kind is please do let us know by replying to this post. We are eager to hear from you.

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