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Photography - Fort Pathway - Bhangarh Fort 084

Bhangarh Fort Pathway :

This photo we took on the way down from Bhangarh fort. On our way down from Bhangarh fort we tried to take as many Bhangarh fort photos as possible just in case we missed something out. This Bhangarh Fort pathway photo is one of our favorite. There were plenty of monkeys playing around, and as evening came reality dawned on us that we would need to leave this place soon and a kind of sad feeling overwhelmed us thinking that the time to go is near.

Over all our experience in Bhangarh fort was very-very special and this will remain forever in our minds. It took us a long time to be able to visit Bhangarh and when we are here the time flies so fast and we had to go again. Given a chance we would certainly love to visit Bhangarh again because there’s still so many areas of Bhangarh that we didn’t get to photo.

Regardless, whether the stories or legends about this place is true or not but the fact is that Bhangarh fort is a beautiful fort to visit and to experience the culture and architecture of the past. We will definitely miss the place a lot and we came here expecting a scary looking fort just like its stories but we actually saw a beautiful fort with all its unique characteristics and essence.

If you do visit Rajasthan, do not forget to visit Bhangarh fort to or you’ll miss out on all the experiences that Bhangarh fort can offer you. Bhangarh fort is not as touristic as the other forts in Rajasthan but that makes it more comfortable for us to photograph it without have to dodge other peoples head while composing our shots. Once you come here then you will understand how we felt because no words could actually describe its true beauty.

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Our group trip photos in Instagram.

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