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Photography - Haunted - Bhangarh Fort 059

The Haunted Room On The ground floor of Bhangarh Fort :

This is the photo of the first haunted room on the ground floor of Bhangarh fort. It is located at the end of an archway corridor. This archway corridor is just on the right side of the big stairs which goes to the first floor of Bhangarh fort.

Inside this room there is a stairwell that goes halfway down and after that its just a big hole which goes all the way down. We were not equipped to climb down that hole which according to our guide goes more than ten meters down. What is down there? We are not sure but according to our guide it used to be the store house of Bhangarh’s treasure. Maybe it used to be some kind of a vault we are not sure.

Please note that if you want to explore that deep hole you’ll need to obtain a permit from ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) and you’ll need a team of people who’ll be ready for rescue just in case of an emergency. You’ll also need the right kind of equipment such as climbing ropes, pegs, torches, first aid kits, etc.

Please, do not attempt to explore this hole without proper preparations in advance, because, it’s very dangerous. Even our guide refused to go anywhere near that hole in fear of the stairs collapsing (or maybe he fears something else) underneath our feet.

So, please do be careful guys and be safe. Your safety is more important.

If you have any of your own theories of what this underground chamber of some kind is please do let us know by replying to this post. We are eager to hear from you.

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