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Photography - Bhangarh Fort First Floor - Bhangarh Fort 065
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Bhangarh Fort First Floor :

This is the area behind the ballroom or king’s bath in Bhangarh fort first floor and as we can see there are more rooms which we are not actually sure what they are for and there are also stairs that goes to the second floor which we will explore. You can see those rectangles on the walls are actually for lighting (candles, oil lantern, etc) and the small holes are ventilation holes.

To think about it, the architectural designs of the rooms, halls, etc. is very intricate and advanced for its time. It must have taken a lot of floor planning and interior designs to create such an intricate arrangements of rooms according to their respective uses. I’m sure that those rooms are also assigned in accordance to status of the person staying in them.

Next we will explore the second floor where the queens chamber is. This queens chamber is also said to be one of the most haunted room. Locals say at night you can smell a strong smell of incense coming from the queens chamber and no incense could be found there. Locals also say at night people have seen a lady walking across while humming. Then again these are just what people say and whether it’s true or not you decide yourself.

Well, if any of the ASI guys are reading this this post, I sincerely request you guys to start some kind of restoration job there in Bhangarh fort so we can maintain it for the future generations to see and admire. It’s a very important Indian heritage guys.

If you have any of your own theories of what this underground chamber of some kind is please do let us know by replying to this post. We are eager to hear from you.

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