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Photography - Dark - Bhangarh Fort 075

Bhangarh Second Floor (Scary Corridors In Dark) :

This is the stairway to the second floor, we had to pass through a few scary corridors to get to the queens chamber. We can see the walls are very thick here and these fallen stones is supposed to be the ceiling if we’re not wrong. We can just imagine how this area would look and feel in the dark of night, I think it would be definitely eerie to be here at night. Whether there are any paranormal activity or not this area is definitely scary at night. Maybe one day we can try.

Whatever the locals say about this place, people can believe it or not it doesn’t matter but the reality is that Bhangarh fort is a beautiful fort and it should be one of the main tourist destination in Rajasthan just like the other forts in Jaipur and other places. To preserve the heritage of this area the government of India should maintain, protect, and restore this fort so many generations of people can come to see and admire the greatness of this fort.

Well, if any of the ASI guys are reading this this post, I sincerely request you guys to start some kind of restoration job there in Bhangarh fort so we can maintain it for the future generations to see and admire. It’s a very important Indian heritage guys.

If we get the chance we surely would love to come and visit Bhangarh fort again in the future.

If you have any of your own theories of this please do let us know by replying to this post. We are eager to hear from you. If you do have some video recording of Bhangarh fort at night we are very interested in it.

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Our group trip photos in Instagram.

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