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Photography - Ancient Site Bhangarh - Bhangarh Fort 079

NOTE – Photo of the plaque in ancient site Bhangarh.

Ancient Site Bhangarh :

This ancient township was founded in the later half of 16th century A.D. by Raja Bhagwant Das, the then ruler of Amber and later on it was made the capital of Madho Singh, brother of Raja Man Singh. Madho Singh was diwan in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar (A.D. 1556 – 1605).

The remains at Bhangarh consist of Fort Walls, Gateways, Markets, Havelis, Temples, Royal Palace, Chhatris, Tomb, Etc. Important temples are Gopinath, Somesvara, Keshav Rai and Mangla Devi, all in nagara style of temple architecture. The royal palace is said to have seven storeys but now only four storeys remain. Whole township was protected by three successive fortifications. The outermost fortification is provided with five gateways from North to South – Ajmeri, Lahori, Hanuman, Phool Bari, and Delhi Gate.

These are the words written on the Bhangarh Fort plaque.

If you do visit Rajasthan, do not forget to visit Bhangarh fort to or you’ll miss out on all the experiences that Bhangarh fort can offer you. Bhangarh fort is not as touristic as the other forts in Rajasthan but that makes it more comfortable for us to photograph it without have to dodge other peoples head while composing our shots. Once you come here then you will understand how we felt because no words could actually describe its true beauty.

Regardless, whether the stories or legends about this place is true or not but the fact is that ancient site Bhangarh fort is a beautiful fort to visit and to experience the culture and architecture of the past. We will definitely miss the place a lot and we came here expecting a scary looking fort just like its stories but we actually saw a beautiful fort with all its unique characteristics and essence.

More photos of Bhangarh Fort here.

Our group trip photos in Instagram.

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