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Photography - Amer Fort Main Gate - Amer Fort 009

Amer Fort Main Gate “Surajpol” :

This is the Amer fort main gate also known as “Surajpol”. This is where the queen used to greet the home coming king after a victory in battle. The architecture by itself is very beautiful and robust. The grandest way to reach the gates of Amer from the main car park is by elephant. Inside Amer Fort there is very limited tourist signage so most visitors hire a private guide that lasts for approximately 1 hour. There are acceptable toilets by the main entrance and a couple of expensive shops to purchase water and drinks.

The Amber Fort stands on a steep hillside and rises above the waters of the Maotha Lake, an artificial lake that also worked as a water reservoir for the dry months. Access to the fort goes  through the Dil-e-Aaram Garden, which is – like all the other gardens in the Amber Fort – built in the traditional Mughal style based on the Islamic concept of chahar bagh (originally from Persian and also spelled charbagh), a “four garden” that represents the Islamic paradise garden with its four waterways. These gardens are defined by their central water source and their quadripartite design, in which each section is further divided into a series of geometric beds.

The fort stands on the rocky hill of Cheel ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) that over looks the Jaipur and situated next to the Maota lake. Inside the palace the state rooms have been restored and can be fully explored. Highlights include the chamber of a thousands mirrors is possibly the most beautiful of all of the inner rooms which supposedly can be full lit just by a single candle. There is an delicate carving of Ganesha (Hindu Elephant god), carved from a single piece of coral.

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Our group trip photos in Instagram.

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