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Raja Ampat:
Our Trip To Heaven On Earth

Raja Ampat :

Our group (Temples Zone) trip to Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia in mid of 2014 was extremely fun. The beauty of the nature there was more than what I could describe in words. We had to rent the whole Turbo Cessna just for our group as it’s maximum passengers capacity was ten people plus our luggage.

Waisai Island :

Raja Ampat

Just arrived Waisai Airfield.
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For the one week we were there, everyday is an adventure and our daily schedule was to leave our cottage at about 8AM when the tide is just right for our speed boat to head out to an island of our choice and everyday we traveled to a different island. We would only return before the sunsets as night time out in the ocean is dangerous specially on a speedboat. Our cottage was just a walking distance away from the beach, so yeah, it’s just like living in heaven on earth.
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