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About Us

The Beginning :

Temples Zone is based in Central Jakarta – Indonesia, we started as a photo gallery featuring a collection of temples photo from around the world. We then expanded to include ancient sites, megalithic sites, forts and castles, cultures, and it’s still expanding to other categories of photography.

Since we travel a lot, it’s obvious that we made a lot of traveling friends along the way and thus the traveling group came into existence, naturally. Now we arrange group travels, gathering, and meet-ups for members as often as possible.

We are also open to other travel groups from all over the world and when opportunity presents itself we do travel together.

There is no fees to join our group.

The Photo Gallery :

The photo gallery are photos taken in our travels. We also offer Royalty Free licensing of these photos for personal non-commercial use such as Poster Printing (Full Size 300dpi) and blogs, social medias, and websites (Medium Sized 72dpi). If you need to use our photos for commercial websites you can contact us and we will negotiate a mutually beneficial terms. All the photos are Copyrighted and may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any manner without prior to licensing. If members want to display their photos in our gallery we can facilitate them but we do curate the photos that appear in our gallery.

The Travel Group :

The travel group is organized by our travel leader and orgazizer and to be a member of our travel group simply contact us and we will add you to our members list. We will organize the gatherings and meet-ups such as lunch, dinner, or casual drinks where we can meet-up and talk about the next travel plans and of course have a good time.

The Mailing List :

Our mailing list is just to inform our members whats new in Temples Zone such as the latest events, travel plans, gathering/meet-ups, etc. You can join our mailing list if you want to.

The Software :

TZ Wallpaper Manager is our newly developed software that you can use for free and you can download it here.

It will automatically download new HD wallpaper for your desktop from our collection of thousands of photos in our gallery and keep your desktop alive with fresh photos everyday.

So, that’s basically it and when there’ll be further developments we surely will inform you.


– Team Members –

Roy Singh

Roy Singh

Founder and Photographer
Tatyana Dedkova

Tatyana Dedkova

Travel Organizer
Patricia Zednanreh

Patricia Zednanreh

Head Of Marketing (Mexico Division)
Nazya Ivanikova

Nazya Ivanikova

Software Engineer


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