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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Bagan Temples

Bagan Travel Guide

Photography - Narathihapatae Hpaya - Minnanthu Temples Complex 007
Narathihapatae Hpaya Temple

Bagan is a place that has literally died and resurrected. Not many places would have been able to survive the phase this place went through. It was recently named as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Forget the talk of earthquakes; this place is worth taking those regular or cheap flights from SLC.

Photography - Minnanthu Temples Complex 006
The Minnanthu Temples Complex

There is a lot to do and see here. Even its temples are more than religion. These temples have a lot to offer and this write up will enlighten you on the ultimate travel guide to Bagan temples. Follow this guide and you will enjoy your time here. You will even be beaming with a smile while on those regular or cheap flights to Charlotte.

Things To Keep In Mind

Wear conservative clothes when entering pagoda (temples)

Photography - Bagan Travel Guide - Bagan Travel Guide - Shwezigon Pagoda 011
Shwezigon Pagoda (Morning Prayers)

Although a number of rules no longer apply to tourists, not all of those rules were abolished. The dressing in Bagan may not be as strict as before but it does not apply to enter its temples. Avoid wearing clothes that will expose your knees and shoulders. Women can wear long flowing gowns with leggings underneath.

You can enter the pagoda (temples)

Photography - Main Pagoda - Shwezigon Pagoda 006
Shwezigon Pagoda (Main Pagoda)

Like I was saying earlier, not all strict rules apply. Temples were not places for everyone before now. However, anyone can visit temples in Bagan now. The only rule is that most temples will only allow you into the first floor and nowhere else. It is sensible that you respect the culture and tradition of the monks in those temples.

You can even climb some pagoda (as long as they allow you to)

Photography - Thitsarwadi Temple 002
Thitsarwadi Temple

This does not apply to every temple. The ones that will allow you to climb them are usually the tourist-centered ones that are usually noisy with people flocking in and out of it. Only a few quiet temples allows you to climb them. If you get the opportunity to climb one, it is a beautiful way to watch the sunset. Only from a hot air balloon, you can get a better view of the sunset beside the temples rooftops.

You cannot enter stupas

Photography - Temples Ruins - Minnanthu Temples Complex 016
The Minnanthu Temples stupas

If you have entered a temple before, you will notice certain works of arts including sculptures and paintings. You may have even come across some lion sculptures as well. That being said, Buddhist relics are sacred, and you should respect that and it is advisable not to touch anything. Especially the stupas, these are onion-like buildings that house sacred relics. One of them is claimed to house the tooth of Buddha. You can only walk around them, but you are not allowed to enter a stupa.

Tourists can hire E-bikes on location and motorbikes are not allowed inside Archaeological Zone

Photography - Sin Myar Shin 001
Sin Myar Shin Temple

Bagan is a hot, dry and dusty environment. This is probably one of the reasons why they try to moderate the movement of bikes on the road. In this regard, foreigners are not allowed to bring bikes and drive them around. You can rent an electric bike (E-Bike) and drive yourself around. You can also get air-conditioned cars if you prefer comfort.

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