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Examining Why You Want Cosmetic Surgery

Your motivations for pursuing cosmetic surgery are important issues that your cosmetic surgeon will discuss with you during a consultation. The reasons behind your decision to change part of your body need to be explored by you and your surgeon to help you attain satisfaction with your cosmetic surgery procedure.

dr kassabian cosmetic surgeryAs you consider cosmetic surgery, you should avoid making a snap emotional decision perhaps based on a hurtful comment or unpleasant episode. You also need to learn what you can realistically expect from cosmetic surgery. For example, a tummy tuck can smooth the contours of your torso and significantly alleviate problems you may have with stretched skin, but for some people it is not going to make you “super model” thin.

Appropriate Reasons to Pursue Cosmetic Surgery

Self Improvement: Your desire to improve yourself in your own eyes is a reasonable goal. Sometimes people undergo cosmetic surgery simply because it is an available option for increasing personal satisfaction and enhancing self image. For example, you may be dissatisfied with the size of your breasts and therefore seek breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. As long as you want breast augmentation for the sake of satisfying your own desire for a fuller bustline, then you may have a healthy outlook. Basically, it is best to realize that cosmetic surgery will not change how others regard you. Cosmetic surgery is about how you feel about yourself. When we do Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery, we always find that people are happiest when they do the procedure for themselves.

Relieve Discomfort: Cosmetic surgery can also provide some patients with relief from physical discomfort while improving appearance. For example, if your abdominal skin and muscles are stretched out by multiple pregnancies, then the loose flesh may be making it difficult or impossible to find pants that fit comfortably. Also loose folds of skin can cause skin irritation. In such a situation, a tummy tuck would give you cosmetic benefits and allow you to wear pants in comfort and avoid skin irritation. Beverly Hills liposuction can also provide improvements in many similar situations.

Reduce Aging Effects: Cosmetic surgery is traditionally associated with the reduction of the signs of aging on the face and body. This remains a primary motivation for cosmetic surgery candidates. No one likes watching their youthful skin and physique fade with the years, and your desire for rejuvenation is reasonable. The important factors in this situation are keeping your expectations realistic and not counting on people to treat you differently just because you improved your appearance with surgery. The unique characteristics of your body and your age will determine how much change can be obtained with cosmetic surgery.

When you go to a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, be prepared to discuss your motivations. This way you will have had a chance to think things through yourself before your cosmetic surgeon describes what is possible and appropriate for you. A careful analysis of your feelings about your body will guide you toward a positive outcome whether or not you ultimately get cosmetic surgery. The procedure can enhance your lifestyle, but always remember that it will not change who you are.

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